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BProtect SIEM powered by Continent 8

SIEM solution is the foundation of a business’ cyber defense strategy 

A Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) platform is the best form of network intrusion prevention, but it’s difficult to do it well. It requires constant maintenance and tuning while deploying a 24x7 highly trained staff to investigate security alerts in a timely manner.


BProtect SIEM delivers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of managing and monitoring a world-class SIEM. With an advanced SIEM built on the ELK Stack, BProtect SIEM provides real-time intelligence into your logs and event data by leveraging threat intelligence, custom rules, machine learning and advanced behavioural analysis to identify security threats while scaling to handle any volume. 


BProtect SIEM team of security experts will customise the SIEM to fit the client’s unique business requirements and security policies.

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