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Beeinfotech PH: We bring together connectivity providers so you won’t have to

Ever wondered why many would rather go to a grocery store than buy directly from food manufacturers? Why are malls able to attract multiple brands even as they compete with each other?

For most businesses, gone are the days when they rely on a single ISP/telecom provider for their connectivity and internet needs. Today, at least two providers are in place, sometimes companies get even more.

While it presents availability and redundancy advantages, there are some quirks that come with dealing with multiple providers.

First of which is multiple points of support, having to separately coalesce with a differing set of teams with differing support and escalation and level of service. Then there’s the element of commerce, that headache of having to deal with separate billing with differing terms and payment modes.

What if there’s an ‘internet supermarket’ where all connectivity providers can be had in a single go? What if there’s an ‘i-mall’ where all ISPs and telcos are present in a single cart window and customers can get them in one mother transaction?

Beeinfotech PH advocates “competitor to none, partner for all,” and it is this mantra that guides BeeConnect Partner-driven Managed Internet.

With BeeConnect, businesses can get all their connectivity needs thru Beeinfotech PH since Beeinfotech PH is partnering with all telcos, both local and international. Plus, support is centralized as Beeinfotech PH 24/7 Command Center can monitor all subscribed lines even as they are from different service providers. Billing is likewise centralized, all payments have the same billing cycle and can be paid as one.

This is the true essence of a one-stop-shop provider. Beeinfotech PH’s telco neutrality brings together all partners, ISPs and enterprises so clients like you have access to more options, more choices. As a result, both providers and customers win.

Contact Beeinfotech PH to know more about the Managed Connectivity offering.

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