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Foundational Services

Beeinfotech PH The HIVE Data Center’s holistic approach to rack space colocation focuses on the technical, commercial and support aspects.

Technically, the facility is designed to meet the standards of Uptime Institute as a Tier III data center. This means that the geographic location, structural, power, cooling & other support systems meet or exceed global specifications.  Also, Beeinfotech PH recognizes that some partners may have bespoke requirements. The HIVE data center supports an Open Design concept, varying requirements can be accommodated in the facility.

Commercially, rack space colocation subscription is a straightforward retail subscription.  However, owing to its partner centricity, the service can also white labeled.  At certain number of racks or square meters of data center space, the facility can be branded, managed and/or resold depending on the partner’s preferences.


Support-wise, the facility adheres to a Shared responsibility model.  While Beeinfotech PH can cover from general maintenance to remote hands, depending on the checklist of tasks, the partner may take or absorb the preferred roles.

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Other Technical Information

  • Up to 45U height

  • Starts @ 2KVA power capacity

  • Fire suppression system

  • Seismic zone 4 compliant

  • 7+ layers of security

  • Hot & cold aisle using chilled water system

  • Modular UPS

  • Redundant Energy Center

  • Uptime Institute, ISO, LEED & PCI DSS Certifications (in process)

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Commercial Options

  • Retail or partner driven white label model

  • Caging of racks

  • Migration services

Support Features

  • Full managed service model

  • Remote Hands

  • Separate SOC/NOC rooms

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