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88 Bridgetowne East: From Drawing to the Real Thing

Beeinfotech PH

Feb 4, 2022

Beeinfotech PH, the culmination of a multi year project by industry icon Reynaldo Huergas, has paved the way for the global data center (DC) industry to notice and realize the potential of the Philippines as the next destination for hyperscalers, edge facilities and IT spaces.

The thought process on where to put up the next data center is answerable by a simple question: where are the users that consume data? With the Philippines’ 100M+ population and the billions of people they communicate with (highly connected and social media savvy), DCs need to be closer.

And as networks reach massive interconnect levels, it is no longer a question of access but a challenge of proximity.

IT and data centers are no longer bound by geography or economy.

Entities who are planning similar data center facilities in the Philippines may need to consider some aspects.

Real estate or investment chomps is not enough to build, run and operate such a facility. For Beeinfotech PH, a significant aspect of its assets is predicated not only on equipment but on the data center-specific skilled team that had prior experience in working in a data center. From HR to sales to marketing and operations, the Beeinfotech PH team is proud to have brought together the A-team that will run The Hive facility.

As regional and global DC players are looking to set up in the Philippines, the fact remains that while the others may be bringing their best practices and equipment, it is the local prowess that they need familiarity with. Beeinfotech PH is GLOCAL, through its partners they gain access to GLObal tech and with our loCAL footing. Beeinfotech PH brings insights that no foreign entity can replicate.

On the question of facility readiness Beeinfotech PH is proud of its data center design but the company takes pride in having a ready facility to speak of. Building a data center is unlike any ordinary real estate project, it simply takes time and resources. Beeinfotech PH is looking forward to full operation in 2022.

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