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Prevention is better than cure – what is penetration testing?

Think about this for a moment: a number of big corporations with dedicated and skilled cybersecurity teams were hacked. Even with multi million peso hardware and software network security assets, there’s always this weak link that the bad guys were able to peer through.

This then begs the question, in local jargon, anyare?

It boils down to two things: one, cybersecurity is not just about offense or defense and two, it has to be regularly checked. Let’s focus on the latter.

Cars get preventive maintenance, mankind undergoes annual health exams, and students take checkpoint tests. And for IT security, there’s penetration testing.

But what is penetration testing? And why is it different from the regular checks that internal teams do?

Penetration testing, from the word itself, rigorously counter checks a company’s IT assets for vulnerabilities using third party tools. This testing is not new, but seemingly other entities seem to skip it for many reasons like “if it ain’t broke, why fix it” or “we can handle it” or “I know my network better than you.” Well, guess what, you’ve been had. This time, a third party is not a bad thing.

Penetration testing is the perfect example of an outside-looking-in approach, that even as an organization may have all the tools at their disposal, it always helps to get an extra pair of hands.

Extra pair of hands like Beeinfotech PH has available tools that assess your network even for mundane faults like open ports, weak firewall settings and outdated security definitions. It literally checks everything, well, except for a sleeping on the job security guy.

The adage “threats evolve faster than protection” is the single most important reason why every bank, online store, government agency or enterprise needs penetration testing. It checks you before the bad guys do.


Beeinfotech PH is a telco neutral data center operator that has brought together the best cybersecurity solutions under one roof. Be it penetration testing, DDoS mitigation, WAF, SOC/SIEM solutions, Beeinfotech PH is on hand to help.

To know more, visit or email Stay protected!

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