Why Beeinfotech PH is ready for Hyperscalers & Edge

What will it take for a data center to be hyperscale ready? And are there existing facilities that can accommodate hyperscalers now?

With so much talk about this topic, and so many providers claiming they are the largest or the only one who can deliver, which is true?

A Google search on the term yields a ton of hifalluting definitions and complex use cases. But drilling it to its bare bones meaning, it all boils down to two simple elements: (1) hyperscalers have their own individual & unique laundry list of rackspace requirements and (2) they want their setup and expansion to be done quickly.

Bespoke, different, proprietary, unique, special build, special config; are the adjectives that best describe hyperscaling. Nothing ultra profound about it, it's just entities who know exactly what they need, and are looking at local data centers to fulfill their specifications.

In the case of Beeinfotech PH, for example, it intentionally kept the facility unconfigured and open, because the company recognizes that every hyperscaler has its own unique wishlist, and making a bet on a certain design specification may limit the clients that it can serve. This is a handicap with many already-built and fully operational data centers because there may be specific requirements that cannot be serviced in their existing setup, or significant reconfiguration / retrofitting may be required in order to comply.

In contrast, Beeinfotech PH’s Open Design Concept affords the hyperscalers the freedom to dictate and drive the requirements. It is then the role of data center operators like Beeinfotech PH to ensure that all requirements can be provided, especially on available power that most hyperscalers need so much of. The qualification process is simple and faster, and with Beeinfotech PH, all needs can be met.

On the topic of timelines and readiness, because Beeinfotech PH structure is built and ready to be configured, it is ready to use now. The pleasantries of shovel ceremonies and perspective drawing press releases are no longer the case. It is this ready-to-use status that allows Beeinfotech PH to announce an open invitation to all hyperscalers to jump in and settle in the facility.

And one more thing: because of Beeinfotech PH’s true telco neutrality and 100% partner-driven model, hyperscalers and edge clients will have universal access to all clients, providers, telcos and technology providers. The facility is not associated with any competing entity, so even other data center operators can house their own footprint.

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