The Philippines' Largest
Telco Neutral Data Center

Bespoke. Impenetrable. Telco-neutral.


Why choose Beeinfotech PH?

Backed by a collective experience of 50+ years in the IT industry, Beeinfotech PH provides you the flexible IT environments that you need to be digitally successful. Following the Open Design and Elastic Floor concepts enable us to customize your IT environments within our Hive datacenter as you see fit for your company.


Our offerings provide continuous uptime server of racks, 24/7 connectivity to different networks, and multilayered security to ensure the safety of mission-critical data.

We are Reliable


We are Cost-Effective

Our adherence to the Open Design concept allows clients to subscribe to a full-OpEx model wherein you pay only for the resources you need and use.

Our data center supports green initiatives that ensure the utilization of energy-efficient technologies designed to reduce carbon footprint and power consumption.

We are Sustainable


Let's Work Together


Develop a Digital Strategy

Digital Transformation starts with having a proper strategy. We’ll work together in developing this by asking you the who, what, why, and how in relation to your transformation journey. These can help identify opportunities, pain points, areas of improvement, and more. We’ll also work out the total cost to give you a holistic picture of your investment and the value we add to your company.


Determine What You Need for Growth

We’ll guide you in determining the optimal technology for your specific needs. Our adherence to the Open Design and Elastic Floor concepts gives you multiple configurations to choose from, ranging from the different racks to their location on the data center floor.



Deploy and Operate IT Environments

Once you’ve decided which technologies to integrate and co-locate, we’ll provide the necessary manpower for their deployment to our data centers. Together with you, we’ll also set up the appropriate services model for your business for the co-located environment’s operations and management.


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