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A New Year, A New Data Center

Time for Unity

The year 2022 is especially significant as Beeinfotech PH opens its doors to enterprises, ISPs, telcos and hyperscale partners with the goal of bringing all together, forgetting competition and division. Help is literally under one roof, help that every struggling business needs.

Just when most corporate annual reviews are seeing dips or bleak projections, the news of a telco neutral facility provides that extra gasp of lifeline. Entities can colocate or host their cloud needs, reducing operational costs so they can redirect their depleting resources to their core business expenses.

This year is not about individual recovery but is for industry-wide camaraderie, where data centers break barriers by providing the middle ground where interconnect, shared resource and expense pooling is possible. No corporation, enterprise or provider must be left behind.

Beeinfotech PH, for its part, is offering flexible service subscription options as well as full OpEx payment even for other requirements such as hardware, software and services. Beeinfotech PH is also enabling existing partners to upsell colocation in an amortized model, to enable cash strapped clients to reduce their expenses during these difficult times. In some ways, this is CSR going directly back to customers.

On the other end, Beeinfotech PH is making itself the vehicle where other technology providers can cross sell their products and solutions to a greater audience. Data centers are at the heart of data and communications, and Beeinfotech PH’s telco neutrality ensures that everyone is welcome, big or small, local or international.

Sure, discounts may tide company expenses for now, but the booster that the industry needs is the open and free facility that cuts the roadblock of multiple transactions and brings all to a common goal of providing instant and accessible tech. The vision of Beeinfotech PH of becoming the industrial park of all-things-IT is even more relevant now than ever.

To all telcos and ISPs, tap all your networks to Beeinfotech PH so all businesses have easier access to all connectivity, removing complicated and costly interconnects. To all technology providers, host your facilities in Beeinfotech PH, and bring your compute and content closer to your audience. And lastly, to all businesses, offload your IT needs to data center facilities like Beeinfotech PH, so you can have more laser focus towards your main objectives.

Before, it was all about Digital Transformation, 2022 is about Digital Collaboration, let’s all make this happen.

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