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AI and Data Centers like Beeinfotech PH

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly (but surely) making its way into the IT plans of entities in the Philippines, of note is the readiness to deliver AI intensive apps locally.

And while ready-to-call platforms suffice the needs of curious first time consumers, the real question is how AI will directly effect meaningful results to businesses.

Here are three general considerations to think about as you explore AI implementation.

  1. Data Points – similar to analytics, AI is only as good as the data it crunches, your operational data must be enough for AI engines to cross refer and create more meaningful output to your data.  If anything, before any AI implementation, consider drawing more transactional data from your business.  This way, your rich data will work for itself.

  2. Expectations – while AI serves as your “big brother” or “e-genius,” it will not totally eliminate your current and working resources like manpower, tools and assets.  Rather, AI gives that extra edge when it comes to discerning the right answer to your deepest queries

  3. Infrastructure – AI requires a higher resources that the traditional applications, in most cases, it is thus imperative to host your company IT special purpose data centers like Beeinfotech PH to ensure that server rackspace, data center grade equipment, multi ISPs are available to you.  For Beeinfotech PH and its affiliate Boda Data Center with its HQ in Hong Kong, AI ready racks and facilities and computing equipment are available right now to test and try your AI deployments, test facilities and network setup to ensure that you can crunch as much AI queries as possible.

To know more, visit the Beeinfotech PH website or you may email



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