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5 Ways Beeinfotech PH Datacenter Helps During Covid-19

Whether through co located racks or cloud instances, datacenters help businesses cope with the dampening effects of the pandemic.

Here are 5 ways:

1) Work From Anywhere means Data and Compute from Anywhere too. Even as employees operate from their homes, ensuring that compute resources are available and accessible too is critical.

2) Off prem means shared costs. Traditional on premise server rooms incur higher overall utility & maintenance costs when only the servers & auxiliary equipment are operational (and other office areas are untenanted). Datacenters do the opposite since the 24/7 upkeep expenses is spread across all users.

3) Operational hibernation means data hibernation as well. For businesses that temporarily halt operations, datacenters have round-the-clock manpower and is apart from the businesses’ workforce.

4) Data security in datacenters is both physical and digital. Compute resources are at their most vulnerable when the businesses that own them are under abnormal conditions. Ensure upkeep of critical and sensitive IT assets by co locating in a secure datacenter that supports multiple layers of physical security and proactive digital safeguards.

5) Data health is about being hosted in a reliable datacenter infrastructure. The pandemic is certainly temporary, and when Covid 19 eases, businesses must re-operate their IT infrastructure reliably and on cue. Datacenters are always on full operation, there is no need for ramping up or restart.

Beeinfotech PH answers the need for a massively accessible datacenter by offering the Philippines’ first partner-driven telco neutral facility. Beeinfotech’s neutrality enables businesses to eliminate telco bias and vendor lock in. And with the Uptime Institute Tier III certification, PH’s first, Beeinfotech is aligned with global standards and best practices.

To know more, visit or email for more info.

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