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Role of Data Centers in Nation Re-Building

As the world grapples with the effects of the pandemic, IT teams are scrambling to (1) dampen the negative impacts and (2) prepare businesses as they bounce back.

Technology used to be nice-to-haves or want-improvements to companies, but in this age of Digital Everything, it forms part of the success or failure of any entity. And data centers play a key role in this journey, here’s how.

Free-er Flow of Data. Yes, most industries have moderate to severe impacts to their revenues or activities, but one thing’s certain: consumers are still there. Yes, they may no longer be buying expensive cosmetics or going on vacations, but they are instead buying more vitamins and sanitation supplies.

The important thing is that the technology, whether online or thru other means, must hasten commercial activity.

Data centers host both the traffic and the transport, and thru the facilities that they provide, especially with edge data centers that bring content closer to the users, more transactions take place. Whether thru cloud or in a colocated setting, just being able to transact from home using online portals, more and more providers are able to reach more customers.

Faster access to content. The lockdown and Work From Home presented new challenges in both supporting businesses and accessing what the businesses have to offer. Providers are no longer confined to the office and customers are going less in physical storefronts. This anywhere-to-anywhere ecosystem begs the question on where all this must be hosted in order for all stakeholders quickly reach each other.

Data centers, especially telco neutral facilities, ensure that all digital activities, are accessible thru all possible network options, from fiber optic to wireless to satellite communications. Data centers, aside from hosting the application and data, also host telco facilities to ensure that whatever and wherever the users and providers choose to connect to, the fastest route is made available.

Forced reboot. More and more IT decision makers are deciding on their tech investments based on outcome rather than intent. Why? This is because even the most well crafted 3 or 5 or 10 year IT Plan did not anticipate this pandemic, and very few plans considered a monumental & global health emergency to adversely affect the commerce of man.

Data centers, because of their “rental” nature, stretches the wait-and-see game of IT planners. Colocated or in the cloud, as compute is consumed based on current and mid term customer appetite, data centers remove any need for significant capital expenses, and ensures that businesses can operate in a reduced or demand-for-the-day capacity.


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