#BeeInTheKnow: 3 crucial roles that data centers play in the logistics industry

Logistics is a space and delivery game. Just In Time (JIT) is an ever challenging service metric. Technology needs to optimize, automate and enhance the operational loads to temper the challenges to road congestion, confusing addresses and the sudden influx of transactions.

By offloading both the compute and the server room space to data center facilities like Beeinfotech PH, logistics companies can now focus on expanding their fulfillment centers without the need to setup and configure server racks and networks. Somewhat similar to WFH, this is an example of Operate from Anywhere (OFA).

Here are some of the roles that data centers play in the logistics industry.

Managing all your relevant supply chain data

Logistics firms analyze their data to bolster supply chain operations. Some of this data includes route and environmentals navigation and forecasting, customer preferences, and inventory levels. With this amount of business elements that need to be considered, analytical data can be accessed from anywhere through data centers.

With the need to properly maintain these systems and components to ensure that data is collected, analyzed, and distributed across your supply chain without any hitches, data centers like The HIVE serve as optimal locations for these systems’ maintenance through the ultra secure and redundant systems.

Sustaining connectivity in your supply chain

In conjunction with maintaining your enterprise’s vital IT components, data centers also sustain multiple direct access to telecommunications networks, making the data that you collect and analyze accessible at all times. With so many moving parts and endpoints in the supply chain, sustaining connectivity is vital in logistics operations. Connecting data across systems in real-time is the key to achieving efficiency.

The HIVE data center, for instance, is a telco-neutral facility and therefore can connect you to all telecommunications providers through BConnect Managed Connectivity. The solution is handy the moment your telecommunications provider is unavailable, because when this happens, BConnect Managed Connectivity simply redirects you to another network since it isn’t locked to any specific telecommunications provider.

Protecting your supply chain against cyber-attacks

Together with making sure that your data is always maintained and accessible, data centers fulfill a role as protectors against cyber-threats compromising data, especially when a significant storefront of logistics firms is their online presence. An alarming report revealed that the logistics supply chain across the world have been getting cyber-attacks from state and non-state actors to undermine the delivery of goods under the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, Beeinfotech PH cybersecurity partner Continent 8 disclosed that Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks more than doubled last year.

Maintaining servers against DDoS attacks is a must as they can lead to serious disruptions to the supply chain. To combat these attacks, The HIVE offers the BProtect DDoS Mitigation solution that redirects the malicious traffic to scrubbing centers, for zero downtime logistics operations.

Alongside other sectors, the logistics industry has integrated several data-driven digital innovations to become more efficient and competitive. Today’s supply chains are rapidly becoming smarter and more connected. To support this digital transformation, data centers ensure IT integration remains seamless and, just in time.

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