SONA 2022: Beeinfotech PH Supports the Gov’t Push for Data Centers

Refurbished session hall photo from Manila Standard

… ‘these have to be kept in large data centers that are secure yet accessible.”

In the Station of the Nation Address (SONA) last July 25, the President highlighted the important role of data centers in hosting all digital information and making them secure while being accessible.

Responding to this call, Beeinfotech PH has outlined collaborative initiatives in support of the government’s agenda.

  1. Public sector / LGU friendly facility – Beeinfotech PH The Hive data center is designed to accommodate the exacting specifications set by the government on control, audit, facility security including rack isolation, separate access and dedicated monitoring.

  2. Neutral data center – As government entities strive to meet the private sector including global technology providers, The Hive facility serves as the neutral point where both public and private sectors can host their digital footprint and interconnect in one roof.

  3. Redundancy / resiliency site – as the perfect complement to the existing data centers of the government, Beeinfotech PH’s latest and constantly-upgrading facilities ensures that digital services that rely on reliable IT infrastructure are always available.

Beeinfotech PH has a dedicated team who will assist agencies and LGUs in their data center requirements. For more information, visit , email or call +632 8888 0087.

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