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The New Millennial: Meet Beeinfotech PH President & CEO Reynaldo Huergas

Strong yet endearing, unrelenting and unflinching, determined but enjoys the job – clear qualities of a man who has been at the forefront of the datacenter business in the Philippines – Reynaldo Huergas.

As mature as the wines he regularly sips - RH as he is fondly called - sees his latest datacenter foray with Beeinfotech PH as the culmination of his IT career that spans decades.

Starting from his stints in the financial industry to corporate roles in Silicon Valley and across Asia, RH has seen it all. But no, he is not about to stop, not now.

Technology, while it is a battle of the latest, needs a critical bit for it to prosper and succeed: FORESIGHT.

RH’s vast experience showed him the best ever retrospective view of the “has been,” and this affords him the best front vista to chorale an experienced army of tech experts and bring the new Beeinfotech PH into the future.

Not even a classroom-educated leader or the chomps of a whiz tech guru can match what RH has accomplished. If success is a two-way street, then RH has had multiple round trips.

And on every journey, he made sure to pick up what worked and learn from what didn’t.

Now, he’s bringing all of it to Beeinfotech PH.

And, as he exclaims, the best is yet to come.

Editor’s Note: The Beeinfotech PH is running a series of feature articles to highlight its leaders, where they were and what they bring.

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